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Visions Adjoin 2020

The outstanding water-media artists of the USA and Canada celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the National Watercolor Society and the 95th Anniversary of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour in this exhibition.

About the NWS and CSPWC

The mission of both the National Watercolor Society in the United States and the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour is to encourage excellence of work in the watercolor medium.  Each of these societies has grown from a nucleus of committed talented water-media artists into a determined group of contemporary artists who not only create outstanding water-based artworks but also build the appreciation of this medium by the general public through workshops, exhibitions, publications, competitions and seminars.  The NWS emerged in the Los Angeles, California, area and grew to national coverage over its century of activity.  The CSPWC simultaneously began in Ontario, Canada, and grew into a fully Canadian national organization.  Both organizations have become powerful influences for artistic achievement in North America and are now joining forces to present a historic exhibition in 2020.

About Visions Adjoin

Visions Adjoin records a historic milestone for two of the foremost artistic societies in North America.  In 2020, the National Watercolor Society in the United States of America celebrates its one-hundredth year while the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour marks its ninety-fifth year.  The leaders of both societies happily agreed to collaborate on an important  juried exhibition of outstanding works by their finest water-media artists.  The exhibition entitled VISIONS ADJOIN will be presented first at the NWS Gallery in San Pedro, California, USA, in February of 2020, and later, June 10th - July 18th, it will appear at the Helson Gallery in Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada.  About thirty artists from each society were selected to participate in the joint show.  The media allowed in this exhibition include watercolor, watercolor crayon and pencil, gouache, acrylic, watercolor/acrylic felt pen on paper.  The Video and On-line exhibition highlight the work of each participating artist and juror.  The Visions Adjoin online exhibition brings the art of both societies to an expanded audience of art aficionados on both sides of the border and to the world.  The unique “hands across the border” aspect of this historic artistic effort makes this digital gallery a valuable resource to anyone inspired by quality artwork.

The Visions Adjoin Catalogue

The official exhibition catalogue has been created to compliment this exhibition and provide for our audiences a permanent and beautiful record of the works exhibited, and some written understanding of the various media that have been used by our international artists. Water media have perhaps the longest history in the annals of personal expression and you can read about them in this text by Brent Laycock CSPWC, "Water Media in a Modern Age" . This text appears in the catalogue along with all images and other written material. You can order a copy from either society by going to their web sites:

NWS Gallery

915 South Pacific Avenue, San Pedro, California, United States

February 6 —April 17, 2020

Helson Gallery

Halton Hills Cultural Centre, 9 Church Street, Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada

June 10—July 18, 2020


Visions Adjoin


La Société Canadienne De Peintres En Aquarelle

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