Gallery X is a volunteer Board of 20 Directors all of whom are working on a public gallery for Scarborough.  Our Toronto City Councillor, has recommended to the board an area of 5000 square feet with the expectation that when all our ducks are in order we will look to locate in one of the new modern developments  taking place in Scarborough during this period of expansion.  The interim is reserved for our incoporation and charitable status to be established with government services. We are providing this unique on-line gallery as a service to artists and socieities and to put our name forward in a positive fashion in the local, national, and international community.

The artworks which are enhancing this web site are provided under the auspices of the Diploma Collection of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour/La Société Canadienne De Peintres En Aquarelle. Our many thanks to The Society.

Aims and Objectives of Gallery X

The aim of this organization is to establish and maintain a permanent public gallery space in Scarborough, Ontario, capable of producing an ongoing program of artistic and cultural expression, available to all members of the community. Additionally we will aim to provide a forum for all artists to exhibit, present, or perform their artistic works by participation in the corporation’s events and schedules. We will provide educational and cultural celebration venues for all members of the community. We will aim to increase public appreciation of The  Arts locally, nationally and internationally. Overall we will aim to contribute to the public good.

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